FTL – Full Truck Loads

Full Truck Load

Its means goods shipped are occupying either full trailer or reach the prescribed weight limit.

FTL service is used for shipments that can fill up an entire truck. It's also a trucking option if you require a faster transit time, because the trucker goes directly from origin to destination without any additional pickups or deliveries or stops at terminals along the way.

Dedicated Fleet

Whether you need to replace or add to your existing fleet, we can deliver cost savings, convenience and on-time deliveries while enabling your company to make better use of its capital and resources.

We want you to focus on initiatives that earn revenue, develop and enhance your products and better communicate with your customers. Please contact us for more details.


Our supply chain services include shipping, warehousing, packaging, quality control and distribution. All these steps are well coordinated, so they don`t even need your involvement.

FTL – Full Truck Loads

New Technologies

Up-to-date logistics software grants 100% transparency, GPS trackin
FTL – Full Truck Loads

Corporate Discounts

We provide flexible loyalty programs for large companies.
FTL – Full Truck Loads

Controlled Shipment

Trucks with specific equipment for any type of cargo.

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