LTL – Less Than Truck Loads

Less Than Truck Load

It’s a terms that means, shipped goods do not occupy all the space in the truck.

Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for the transportation of smaller shipments or when freight doesn't require the use of an entire trailer (versus full truckload, when an entire trailer is required for one client's shipment).

Dedicated Fleet

There are several benefits, especially reduced costs. AIT's LTL service also offers enhanced physical security and project management (including online tracking), as well as value-added options (see the related question below).

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Our supply chain services include shipping, warehousing, packaging, quality control and distribution. All these steps are well coordinated, so they don`t even need your involvement.

LTL – Less Than Truck Loads

New Technologies

Up-to-date logistics software grants 100% transparency, GPS trackin
LTL – Less Than Truck Loads

Corporate Discounts

We provide flexible loyalty programs for large companies.
LTL – Less Than Truck Loads

Controlled Shipment

Trucks with specific equipment for any type of cargo.

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